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24/04/2015, 12h47
To be honest I don't see any issue with what they did.

You accidentally paid with your company's PayPal, whenever you pay you can see all your info like full name, address, last 4 digits of credit card. You should have noticed.

Also password managers are discouraged especially in business accounts. The safest place for a password is in your head.

31/03/2015, 14h17
Right, just wanted to give those that followed this an update on *WHY* my server was suspended, and how shocked I am of what has gone down in this case after finally receiving a reply from support@.

When the server was renewed via PayPal the last time, I accidentally managed to renew this with another PayPal account, an account that is associated with the company I work for. The reason this account was used, was because of a password manager browser plugin that overruled my input. Seeing as I don't have direct control over this PayPal account, the transaction was disputed. Standard procedure for Kimsufi is then to just *TERMINATE* the server instance, without even bothering checking into the dispute. If they had bothered to actually check the dispute, this could have been sorted in a matter of minutes.

Instead, the server I had was automatically *WIPED*, which means all the data and services I had running on it is now gone, gone with the wind. I find it strange that it's standard procedure to terminate a server instance which has been paid for in full for several months. I could have understood it if the server instance was a new order that such a dispute would have been handled differently, but for a server that's been in use for quite some time and renewed manually, I think it's really odd that no alarm bells and extra effort was taken from Kimsufi to look into this dispute.

All I can say in summary is that I'm at this point an *EXTREMELY* disappointed customer and I don't really know if I want to go back to being a customer after having been treated this way. No apology or nothing. An apology would have gone a long way, but no such luck.

Gutted and disappointed!

30/03/2015, 13h42
They've discontinued forum support by looks of it, and I've yet to receive any feedback here or via their contact page which they refer to in the forum section you reference to. Meaning I'm still in limbo, left like a rather pissed off customer... I'm *NOT* impressed!

30/03/2015, 01h26
You are avare of the fact that this kind of support is handled over here :
On this forum only KS end users post, no KS employees.

29/03/2015, 23h22
I'm shocked! Not a single reply, and with your lack of response, I'm now fearing what I've dreaded since I realised the server was suspended: that you would *NOT* respond within the five days, meaning that the server will be automatically wiped.

And before you start that this is a low cost service with limited support, I'm fully aware of that, but when services are suspended, the automatic renewal links fails to work and I'm instructed to contact support I *EXPECT* to be given some sort of feedback.

Yet I've heard nothing. Disappointing to say the least! Right now, I'm just pissed off and at this point I actually don't expect *ANYTHING* from you. I'll leave the ball in your court - if you won't to surprise me, this is your chance.

27/03/2015, 13h52
Hello again,

It's been 32 hour since I received the suspension notice, and I've yet not received a reply on my email requst nor this forum thread.

Can you *please* provide me with an update, as I want to have this reactivated ASAP. You state yourself that none reactivated instances get their hard drives purged after 5 days, and we're closing up dangerously on the weekend.

I look forward to your reply.

26/03/2015, 21h20
Hello Kimsufi,

19 hours ago, I received an email instructing me that my instance was due for renewal within 2015-04-02 (April 2nd), then three hours later I receive an email stating that my instance has been suspended. I sent off an email to your support earlier today, which I've not received an answer to. From my records, I can't understand why the instance has been suspended.

Can you please look into this ASAP?

Thanks in advance, and I look forward to your reply.