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Loss of order due to activation delay

07/04/2015, 09h41
Double post. Why opening another thread ?

Btw : the order is expired, but order handling goes on .... just do as for everybody else : wait your turn, and which them good luck.
Btw : no one thinks about killing when it concerns a small €€ server.

07/04/2015, 08h37
if I would have been at your place..i would commit suicide

28/03/2015, 15h13
Dear Kimsufi/OVH,

It took me over 2 weeks of extensive waiting and tries to be able to order a KS.

After I did succeed, I sent the requested documents during business hours and more than 1 day later I still haven't received a reply.

The order has now expired and not because of my fault! I can't place a new order.

What am I supposed to do now?