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Question about the type of license Plesk Kimsufi

30/03/2015, 00h51
Good evening, I have a Kimsufi KS2 server.
I have installed an image with Centos 6 + Plesk panel.

When I access Plesk invites me to buy a license until this point all right.

The fact is that when you enter the website plesk, gives you a choice of different licenses. For my use, I would come either a license: "Web Admin Edition" for $ 4 / month

Now when you start the purchase process, gives you to choose the type of license again and see that there are 2 types of license, the virtual server and dedicated server.

The option I wanted, "web admin edition" put "virtual server"

Can anyone tell me which means ?? means that the license can not be used in Kimsufi servers ??

Thank You