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No server for me

02/04/2015, 14h38
If you want i have servers wrom kimsufi to resell, contact me at

BitCoin and Paypal accepted ...

02/04/2015, 13h58
They promise to give us servers, however it seems like a scam from a big company.

02/04/2015, 12h54

I have just posted the same thing for the same server!! Looks like we are both in the same boat

01/04/2015, 23h12
Hello forum.

I bought the KS-4 server about two weeks ago. I got a mail a day after the purchase, that I needed to send in verification, and I did so. I sent it through their support form - and they promised to answer within 72 hours. Now two weeks after, I have still got no answer from them, and I have paid 37 for nothing at the moment.