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Should kimsufi password be the same as OVH password?

02/04/2015, 10h05
I got a Kimsufi 2G in France since 2012 and now I'm interested in a second server. But after finding a server I want on I'm asked if I'm a new or old customer. As I already have a Kimsufi server I choose old and then I'm asked to login. I then try to login with the email I used to sign up with in 2012 and the password I use for the OVH control panel. But it doesn't work so I try to ask for a new password. However, I don't get any email with instructions. It's not in my inbox nor spam folder and my email provider can't see any email from or at the times I've tried.
Should the passwords for Kimsufi and OVH be the same?
Which email is used for the password recovery email so I can ask my email provider to whitelist it?