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Kimsufi Question

02/04/2015, 23h52

"Old" KS servers have their Manager here :
New KS servers here :

KS became about 2 years ago a separate brand (and no more IPFO, no more backup, bare limit support, huge price drops, etc, etc) and OVH redesigned a new Manager for these servers.
Servers can not be managed by a Manager at your choice, except if KS (OVH) upgrades your manager.

Btw, ones the server is set up, you actually never visit your Manager.
The server is managed on the ..... server

02/04/2015, 19h44
Hello everybody,

i purchased about 1.5 - 2 years ago one KS-1 Server and i am still owning this one.
Why can i configure this server in the ovh manager, because i purchased about 6months ago a ks-4 server for testing and for this server i had to connect to the kimsufi manager?

What are the pros and cons of these managers? Because i am interested in purchasing another ks-1 server.

Best regards,