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How long for overdue automatic payment?

03/04/2015, 11h25
I've used the add credit function and payment has been taken but it's still saying I'm overdue/negative balance

Can staff please double check things for me as soon as possible and make sure my servers do not get terminated!!


I also created ticket a few days ago about this urgent matter but have had no reply.

03/04/2015, 10h58

servers are suspended 5 days after due date.
they are automatically terminated at this date.

no idea how many time payment is tried during the 5 days.

you should quickly have funds to prevent your servers from beeing suspended !

03/04/2015, 00h39

I am now overdue on about 20+ servers that were due on 30th via automated billing.

Can somebody please clarify what is the max days I can go overdue and how many times a automated billing is tried?

I should have rest of funds to cover my bill in next few days but I need to know how long after due date do servers get "suspended" and then how long after being suspended they get terminated? The servers still seem to be active so I will they get suspended first and then terminated, how long do I have??