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14/04/2015, 23h42
Citation Envoyé par lronic
.... What kind of support is this? It seem like they give support when they want..
KS is a server-renting company. They do not put you on hold with some nice music (btw, they even do not have a phone number).
Your server shows up ... when it's ready.

They do not support waiting client ... I guess the bear with you ... just without transmitting you info about them doing so.

When people order a KS, they wait. Period.
During the waiting time - if you have some time, check this (KS) forum - every day the exactly the same question pops up, several times a day.
Yes, they are (to) cheap.
Yes, everybody wants to have a server (from KS)
Yes, KS(OVH) is selling on a planetary level ... (stupid).
So, Yes ... guess what, they can't stand the 'demand' (and they never will)

14/04/2015, 03h34

no support on week-end, see previous response.

Cordially, janus57

14/04/2015, 02h24
They did respond to my ticket after i sent them the docs they needed they stopped responding to the ticket...
What kind of support is this? It seem like they give supoort when they want..

11/04/2015, 13h14

you reply with the order number ? nic-handle ? same email as your account ?

Kimsufi has no SLA, so no minimum time for support to respond, and no support on week-end (monday to friday) and only from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Cordially, janus57

11/04/2015, 10h09
Then they emailed to provide documents so I did and I have still not got my server!! I have opened a ticket over 24 hours and got no reply and emailed them still no reply.????

10/04/2015, 00h50

no support on forum, only with ticket.

Cordially, janus57

09/04/2015, 23h12
Any Support???????????

04/04/2015, 07h45
I have a server with you guy over a year now and I just place another server it asking me to validate... I try to send over my ID and utility bill...
order number 37351618
Can you please look in to this for me?

Thank you,