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How i can order

07/04/2015, 16h09
Excuse my presumptions and my interuption of this thread. I have tried to rent a server, however, it became unavailable, because I took to long to fill in the user registration form. So I now have an account, and everytime I now try to rent a server when some are avaiable, the system (website) prompts me to create a new account or sign in with an existing account. I chose existing account. It says my user code doesn't exist. The exact works are in French: "Nic existant invalide: ws39887-ks" I think it's saying my account is invalid. Which is nice and all, but how are we supposed to use the website.

Must I somehow cancel my existing account by trying to contact the non-replying support, or what? Has anyone else experienced this?

When I log in to the account manager, and I can log in and see the different parts of the management site, and then order while logged it, the site gets stuck at a form which looks like it has fields for first name, address, etc, but only one large textarea input element. It looks completly broken.

I've raised a ticket with support, but no reply. I understand that it is a barebones service, but it seems like the website is really broken in some areas. So much so that it is not posible to get to the next step in purchasing.

I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong because I don't understand French, or if my account is just borked.

07/04/2015, 09h50
or a SYS server which has better specs, security, backup, IPFO, Raid, etc

07/04/2015, 04h29
Citation Envoyé par Kingdo
KS-1 server
Thousands of people are trying to get the server, just like you. You will have to wait for the server to become available for you.

If you can't wait, you might find it better to get an OVH vps which is cheaper than a KS-1 server:

06/04/2015, 21h07
KS-1 server

06/04/2015, 14h31
What do you mean by "a detected server from KS" ?

06/04/2015, 13h51
A detected server from Kimsufi

06/04/2015, 08h50

Order what ? From where ?

05/04/2015, 19h14
I cant order a server... How to threats doesnt help