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Servers not visible in master list.

07/04/2015, 22h26
I just setup cod4 server in Linux 12.04. Consol showing that server is up and running but can't find it in master list or can't join it like is off line but is online.

Firewall off is there any other think i can do? Is OVH servers have some firewall more than in Ubuntu?

06/04/2015, 00h48
Hi there

After weeks digging around i try ask here.

Im running linux ubuntu 12.04 with vbox with w7 and cod4 servers.

Everything work's fine. No firewall in linux and w7. Ports are open i did check them alredy. Server's are visible in favorites and working fine also B3 automatic bot working fine and communicate whit servers. Rcon tool also. see servers also.

But my servers are not on master list.

Cs go server also same. Not in master list but in favorites is fine. Connection fine too.

I think it can be vbox problem or linux but if anyone have any idea. Please let me know.