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Paid invoice, but server suspended again and no-one replies to my support emails

09/04/2015, 16h25
Citation Envoyé par r00t
7-14 days.
Citation Envoyé par Kimsufi Automated Email
If you don't renew your server within 5 days, it will PERMANENTLY shut down. All your disks will then be permanently wiped to ensure the confidentiality of your data and consequently, it will not be possible to recover any data.

09/04/2015, 13h25
7-14 days.

09/04/2015, 01h37

I paid my invoice as recieved and my server was reactivated, about a day or two later I then recieved an email stating my account was due and it was suspended again.

I have contacted Kimsufi via the support page but no-one has replied in several days. I'm concerned as I get automated emails saying the server will be wiped if I do not pay (again).

What time frame can I expect on a reply from Kimsufi?

Server: ks3354239