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Can I use KS-1 to host business app?

13/04/2015, 09h26
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What is Uptime guarantee?

As Janus said, NONE !

moreover, there is also no SLA on network (no bandwith guarantee) which means that it can be extremely slow.

forget KS for production use, go for a VPS or SYS

10/04/2015, 20h47

KS are not for prod since they don't have SLA (search on wikipedia what is SLA).

VPS Cloud are the best for production (in OVH VPS, since classic are not for prod, the fench support say that, not me).

Cordially, janus57

10/04/2015, 20h08
My needs are few. A simple budget VPS with just 1GB RAM suits my needs.
I have been trying to get KS-1 for more than 1 & a half month, no luck..

I saw a post in forum as to what these servers are actually meant for.
So I wanted to confirm. Can I rely on KS-1? I mean should I actually host my production applications, which are needed & accessed by my clients on regular basis, on this dedicated server?

What is Uptime guarantee? What else should I know before buying this server?