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Server Problem

24/04/2015, 12h43

Err what?!

23/04/2015, 14h31
VPS Cloud are the best for production (in OVH VPS, since classic are not for prod, the fench support say that, not me).esixsigma

13/04/2015, 01h16

There is no 'admin from KS' here, except clients like you.

KS means : you deal with it. You chose the software that you manage.
Right now, you only gave one small detail of your problem: 4 numbers : 9987.
You could have said: You are using a TS3 server and you experience big UDP packet loss.
This is (normally) not a server issue, neither a software issue. It's a network problem. Note that KS has no SLA guarantee ....

Your server is protected by the VAC (some kind of doss protection system that KS kick in as soon as your server is being doss'ed ) ?

Anyway, the subject is known .... have a look around on the forum.

12/04/2015, 21h07

I don't know where write this topic/post. (Admins can transfer this topic to correct place)

I have little problem or question about my server.
Evenings my server have a lot of packet loss and very high ping. (Since week or two weeks) I want to solve this problem so i write to you.
IP server is :
Can you look what is wrong with our server?

Thank you very much

P.S : Sorry for my vocabulary but i'm not good in English. Greetings