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Kimsufi - Dedicated server refund

14/04/2015, 19h44

I have read a previous thread and here is my customer ID: aj143202-ks

I got in touch with Kimsufi support via a ticket on: 09/04/2015 21:01.
A couple of minutes later i added some more information, basically evidence of my problem i was/am having: 09/04/2015 21:03.

Its now 14/04/2015 and i haven't heard anything back. The server hasn't been able to do what i wanted it for originally and has been getting latency on simple system updates through the OVH resources for the Ubuntu system. I don't think its right i should have problems within the first day of setting up my server and now the support seems to be non existent and i am posting here in an attempt to actually get to chat to someone.

I am now at a point where i can't afford to hang around waiting for support to try and sort my problem because i needed this server up and running asap and i am now left with a situation which leaves me thinking "If they can't respond in 5 days, what happens when i have another problem?".

So i would be very grateful if you would just give me a full refund as i have not received a service remotely usable and i am rather disappointed seeing as Kimsufi is so closely related to OVH which is meant to be top of the game!

Best regards
Jamie Adams