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Kimsufi - Dedicated server refund

14/04/2015, 23h35
'Fast Support" isn't something you will find with KS server.
Better first check:
1) This forum ... or other language/country KS support forums/ You'll get the picture about 'waiting'
2) While your waiting, do a full hardware check upon your server (rescue ... and all that).
3) KS is purely focused as a "learn and try and first-step server" (never ever make it a production server, many have tried, even more have failed).
4) Install another OS, like the 100 % natif OS "Debian" : does it work well ? Same problems ?

Many of us are able to help you, but, all that gets close to a problem description is this:
The server hasn't been able to do what i wanted it for originally
=> Advise: reserve a lot of time, you going to need it.

Support will answer (if it is a hardware issue). It will take some time.

BTW: KS is OVH related, although, it's a company by itself - with servers: cheap - not much human resources, which makes them even more cheap. This means, when all goes well, well, you made some money. When things go bad, at least you know why it was that cheap.

14/04/2015, 19h46

(I have also posted this under the "Ask the Forum - administration" section but i was unsure where it best suits.)

I have read a previous thread, here is my customer id: aj143202-ks

I got in touch with Kimsufi support via a ticket on: 09/04/2015 21:01.
A couple of minutes later i added some more information, basically evidence of my problem i was/am having: 09/04/2015 21:03.

Its now 14/04/2015 and i haven't heard anything back. The server hasn't been able to do what i wanted it for originally and has been getting latency on simple system updates through the OVH resources for the Ubuntu system. I don't think its right i should have problems within the first day of setting up my server and now the support seems to be non existent and i am posting here in an attempt to actually get to chat to someone.

I am now at a point where i can't afford to hang around waiting for support to try and sort my problem because i needed this server up and running asap and i am now left with a situation which leaves me thinking "If they can't respond in 5 days, what happens when i have another problem?".

So i would be very grateful if you would just give me a full refund as i have not received a service remotely usable and i am rather disappointed seeing as Kimsufi is so closely related to OVH which is meant to be top of the game!

Best regards
Jamie Adams