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Stuck "Rebooting under fresh system"

15/04/2015, 01h55
Thanks for the advice. It did get put into rescue itself. Everything was fine. 2 more attempts later to install it and it eventually did work.

14/04/2015, 23h22
Boot to rescue.
Do a hardware test - better be sure your drive and memory is ok.

14/04/2015, 22h21
My server seems to be stuck on stage 4/8 and won't go no further when installing esxi 5.5. I tried upgrading to esxi 6 but this failed to install. When trying to go back to esxi 5.5 it won't correctly install.

Can anyone please advise how I may solve this situation so I can get esxi 5.5 back onto my server?

Running on KS3