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ESXI: Guest OS cannot access internet

15/04/2015, 16h24
In the default config, IPV4 and IPV6 are configured on the host.

you have to wipe config on IPV4, only leave IPV6 (of course, be sure to access your host using IPV6 BEFORE !!!, that also mean that your client must also be IPV6 ready)

then configure your IPV4 on the guest

the "best" way to proceed, il to create an other VM (linux based) and configure internet on it and that will act as a router between a private virtual LAN and internet
if you route the correct ports, you can plug you host back in IPV4 (on the private LAN)

you will find some how-to on the net to build your system this way

15/04/2015, 15h58
Thank you for the response!

Its a KS3 bought recently. I'm not sure whats running on the ESXI network side, its the default configuration that Kimsufi setup so i'm going to guess that will be IPv4. I'll dig around the EXSI server and find this information out. I'll have a try with what you have suggested, i'm quite new to Hypervisors and only have experience in the Windows aspects of it.

15/04/2015, 12h01
how is configured Esxi on the network side ?
IPV4, IPV6 I mean

how is your guest configured ?

is it a new KS (post august 2013) ? if so you have only one IPv4 and only one IPv6 (/128).
so you have to configure IPV6 on the hypervisor and IPV4 on the guest to have both running and accessing internet.

15/04/2015, 01h54
Sorry if this is in the wrong section.

I have been trying for hours to set up a ESXI 5.5 server with a Windows VM on it and I cannot get an internet connection on the server. I have tried looking for tutorials and had 0 luck with any I've found.

I'm hoping someone might be able to tell me why it may not be working. Default setup of ESXI 5.5, new VM setup with Windows Server 2012, all default settings applied, VMWare tools installed on the VM and no internet connection can be established at all. I've tried all ethernet configurations and nothing.

Can anyone advise?