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Problems configuring email

27/04/2015, 12h30
Hi everyone

I just reinstalled my server Kimsufi with the following features.

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS + Linux Plesk 12

I have a domain hosted by Plesk, (i. e., and I've uploaded a page under construction.

Otherwise, the server is absolutely "virgin" about modifications.

I have created, also in Plesk, an email account (i.e )

I can access it without problems from the browser using RoundCube, send and receive emails properly.

The problem is I can not access the account from OutLook, using parameters indicating the installation

Incoming mail server:
Outgoing mail server:
Password: (Yes, it's correct, and triple checked)
My SMTP server Authentication required: YES
IMAP Server port: 142
SMTP Server port: 25

When I test the configuration, immediately asked me the password, which is included correctly, I introduce it again, but doesn’t accept, both Incoming and Outgoing

I made configuration even in Mozilla Thunderbird and get the same results, impossible to access the account.

I know I'm leaving something stupid, but ... could help me?