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OS Installation

11/05/2015, 14h59
if you want windows on yuor server contact me as soon as on my Skype

28/04/2015, 14h17
you can talk about template because i need windows for don't starve together with ubuntu i have some bug

28/04/2015, 10h56

the second option is to install linux + virtualbox and create a Windows VM, or esxi and a Windows VM if your KS is compatible

28/04/2015, 10h35
Windows is not a pre-install option anymore for a KS server.
Exception: the very old KS servers (before 2013) had that option.

But: many run Windows server 20xx R2 on their KS. It is possible to install it yourself. Many forum posts on this forum talk about it.
Be careful ! insyalliong Windows yourself is a "click and pray" activity.

27/04/2015, 23h00
Now, I wanted to re-install the Operative System and change it to Windows. When I initially installed Ubuntu desktop THERE WAS the Windows 2012 R2. But now it isn't shown anymore. When I open the custom templates page there is a Windows distribution template, so I have no idea why I can't install it. can anyone help?