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Upgrade PHP 5.3.3 to 5.6.8 CentOS6 OVH Relase 3 problem

04/05/2015, 19h17
Follow this guide:

I upgraded to PHP, has been successful, but finding some problems:

1. I found installation errors with php-pear and php-pecl-memcache
2. The access to phpMyAdmin generates 403 Forbidden error, same problem with roundcube
3. I can not reinstall Suhosin
# /usr/bin/install php-suhosin
--> Finished Dependency Resolution
Error: php56u-xml conflicts with php55u-xml-5.5.24-1.ius.centos6.x86_64
Error: php56u-cli conflicts with php55u-cli-5.5.24-1.ius.centos6.x86_64
Error: php56u-common conflicts with php55u-common-5.5.24-1.ius.centos6.x86_64
Error: php56u-process conflicts with php55u-process-5.5.24-1.ius.centos6.x86_64