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Validation of my account

06/05/2015, 10h33

You could look up the fine print (contract, selling conditions) but having a "passport" and a "bank statement" (what ever that is - I presume: having your OWN back account) is the very first and last thing to prove one thing : being an adult.
If this is the case, get those ASAP.

Internet is a very accessible thing for everybody, but becoming part of it (read: having your own server) means : being identified.

Btw: they will NOT get back to you. YOU should meet up to heir conditions. They are non-negotiable. There is not some kind of social factor here It just a defined commercial trade : your money, they have the server and conditions. If both parties agree and execute the rules, the transaction is done.

05/05/2015, 20h48
Hi there. I've recently purchased a server, My order number is 38426555. I'm having issues validating my account and getting my server, First off , I have sent a ticket and a support email , none have gotten back to me. The email asks me some questions about validating my account which I can't answer,
So I'm curious to weather I don't have to answer them or not? , because I'm not a company , and don't have a passport or a bank statement.

I would be very grateful If someone could get back to me on this problem, weather it be on here or the support email /ticket , I just want my server up and running that's all.

thanks in advance.