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Urgent Help Required On My Kimsufi Storage server

10/05/2015, 09h57
Anyone from OVH-Kimsufi support please help me with above situation i am still unable to renew the service or get it activated


I am willing to pay 10 euro anyone who can help me with the above

Thanks & Regards

08/05/2015, 10h06

Posting here, on this forum, is only read by clients, like you and me.
If your are very, very lucky, and a KS-employee reads your message, he will not do anything. Because he can't. He will NOT be able to locater your server. Because you mentioned nothing except "I have a problem".

And no, they do not "discuss" on this forum (maybe one message a week or a month ... look them up for yourself)

Are you sure your server has been shut down ? It mights as well be a drive crash. I hope for you that you have a backup, KS servers are NOT very solid servers, neither treated as such.

edit: good example: People ask help, but do NOTHING so help becomes possible:

07/05/2015, 15h40
Dear All

I have a Kimsufi Storage server which was suppose to expire on 15th may 2015 but it got expired on 5th may 2015 and i am not able to renew it as the renew button is also not working i have been using the server from past 2 years and i have very important data on the server which i cannot bare to loose kindly anyone from Kimsufi support request you to assist on the matter has its been already over 2 days that its been expired and Kimsufi deletes data after 5 days of expiry.

Any help is appreciated

Thanks & Regards