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Server with OVH all gone?

11/05/2015, 18h09

OVH servers (these ??) or a KS server ?

"In case of emergency" ™ forget about click-panel access, they are the first to die ... use the root access by SSH
Your client should know the details about the login.
Or the admin ....

If nothing works, light up a candle, visit KS (or OVH) Manager (the control panel) and force a boot to rescue mode.
Use rescue mode to test hardware (like the hard disk)

11/05/2015, 14h30
My client has a server with OVH. This morning everything has stopped working. What can I do to find out what's happened?

How don't know how to log into the server?

I can log into the OVH Control Panel.

I have login details for WHM and Cpanel but neither of these work.