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Kimsufi anti ddos not work?

14/05/2015, 00h59
I see you have good experience, i also tried to read some other forums, there people talking about , that KS can just suspend your server if you have ddos attacks more than XX hours, is it true?

I contacted OVH, and they told me, that in my case they put my server to nullroute for a 1 hour, and that all, no any anti-ddos, why? is OVH and SYS are the same?

12/05/2015, 19h53

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EDIT: Also you said 1%, but by my traffic i see that income is 75 Mbits, it is 100% of ddos i think
The 50+ million dollar AntiDDOS the OVH developed only kicks in when a 'real' DDOS comes in.
A real DDOS isn't "75 Mbits" - 75 Mbits is nothing.

Look at this: it looks like that a 350 Gbit DDOS is 'interessting' : &&
When OVH is stopping a DDOS like this, there are always some leaks. One leaks can still vaporize your server.
The first reason of existents The VAC (= anti-DDOS system) does NOT exist to protect servers, it protects the OVH internal network. Of course, your server is connected to this network, so the VAC will help.

Read this :

The DDOS protection used to protect SYS servers is better as KS, and the OVH anti-DDOS is even better.

Btw: never call a KS-commercial -> they do not exist KS is a server without options, without people behind it - there are only some guys that replace broken drives and RAM sticks.

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12/05/2015, 18h52
Are you sure, that SYS is better? I also long time ago thinked that it is like you saying, but when i contacted OVH, they told me that it is 1:1 same.

EDIT: Also you said 1%, but by my traffic i see that income is 75 Mbits, it is 100% of ddos i think

12/05/2015, 18h01
Yep, correct - DDOS protect isn't a 100 % sure technology.
So, some packets come still through.

A normal DDOS is several Gigabits, if not much more. So a simple "less then 1 %" coming through will still blast your server out of the water.
There are two main solutions :
KEEP a LOW profile when you have a KS. (like: putting a DigCraft server on a KS is like 'asking' for troubles ... )
Take a server with a bigger bandwidth like SYS or even OVH server. These servers have a better DDOS protection (it has something to do with the price I guess ) AND you can even order a separate firewall.

12/05/2015, 17h54
Hello, im customer ci13332-ks

I received email that kimsufi detected attack on my server, and they turned on the filtering for me, but ddos still continues till NOW,

as i see from my panel traffic are 75 Mb/s its means that kimsufi anti ddos not work?

Please tell me if im wrong..