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server rebooted my support without asking me

13/05/2015, 23h16
Ils s'agit un 'soft-reboot', pour moi, le tech de KS a du saisir la commande reboot après avoir eu l'accès ssh .....
Tant mieux peut être, si l'accès 'ssh' (avec leur clé à eux) ne fonctionne pas, ils procéderons à un déco-réco reset.

13/05/2015, 22h25

when the monitoring detect a ping lose he send automatic et manual (with tech) reboot.

If you don't want you server to reboot desactivate the monitoring simply.

KS ==> NO SLA, for test/pratice/learning and all maintenance task are on

Cordially, janus57

13/05/2015, 21h30
Yesterday morning I received an email from kimsufi support that they rebooted my server because it was not pingable. First of all I was not having any network issues before, so it must have been something on their side. Why did they not contact me and ask if I was ok with them rebooting my server? I could have try something else before doing a reboot via the backend webconsole.

Here's there email:

This operation was closed at 2015-05-12 07:57:42

Here are the details of this operation:
SOFT Reboot
Date 2015-05-12 07:44:38, jean-baptiste.touin made SOFT Reboot:
AFter the server doen not ping.
Soft reboot done, netboot ok, ping ok.

If you need any further information regarding this intervention, please do not hesitate to contact our technical support.

Best regards,

Customer service
From Monday to Friday: 9h00 - 20h00


I don't read/speak french, but the little what I can make of it is that they upgraded a a few switches in two of their datacenters causing the servers on those nets to lose network connection. Then their support rebooted all the servers that lost network connection. Cuz I have a friend who als rents a kimsifi server his server wasn't in any of the effected nets/switches. So I would really like to know why I wasn't asked to reboot my server and why they didn't inform me ahead of time of their upgrading a bunch of switches which could cause my server to lose network connection?