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Move to another region or refund?

21/05/2015, 10h18

A server can not be 'moved'.
The only possible way to have a server 'nearby' means taking out the data of your actual server, rent another server, putting the data back on that one.
This also means that your IPv4 and IPv6 will change.

Financial consequence : That's up to the commercial support to decide. Keep in mind that they will NOT read this forum (this is a clients-only forum).
You have to contact them directly.
Understand that, knowing the price of a KS server, there is no refund possible.

21/05/2015, 05h21
I bought Kimsufi KS-3 and everything was good, I mean the machine is decent, and DDoS protection is enough for me to deal with the daily, but the network is too lag for me that I cannot tolerate.

So is it possible to move the machine to another region like CA instead of Europe? Just the place, need not to move those data.
Otherwise how could I request a refund for this? Or, could I?