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Debian 7.5/8 Problem

27/05/2015, 21h25
It worked with a new Putty Version!

Thank you so much!

27/05/2015, 20h20
Try this : old Putty version - Debian refuses old, to small keys used in old Putties. Update Putty to latest version - download from here (do not take the one with the trojans from other sites).

Try also login in with another WAN IP.

Next idea: goto rescue mode and look in log (/var/log/auth.log) to see the exact reason.

I just installed a Debian 8 from OVH template : was Ok.

27/05/2015, 19h11
Two days ago I bought a KS-2.

The OVH Debian Template (7.5 / 8) doesn't work (SSH Problem?! - Putty error: "Server unexpectedly closed network connection")

I tried CentOS <- No Problem, but I need Debian!

Thanks and best regards