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KS-4 huge lag, went offline now unable to reboot

28/05/2015, 14h51

My KS-4 in Canada server recent;y has been getting extremely slow.. sometimes I would come back to find it has little to no connection, however once I jump on via VNC it soon clears up. This morning it was doing the same, however to my suprise VNC timed out when trying to connect, the website was painfully slow and I was unable to ping the server.

I went ahead for a hard restart boot, and now I'm being told this?

At 2015-05-28 07:40:09 you've demanded hardware reboot of your
server *****************.

Our system has detected a bug in your distant reboot system
(R00113/26). As a consequence of your demand hardware reboot
couldn't be finished.

An intervention is being automatically sent to our technicians,
and should start in few minutes from this moment. You'll be
warned by mail of its beginning and its end.
Is anybody else having a problem with their servers? I haven't changed anything on it to make it happen, the server has been running rock solid for the best part of nearly 12 months.

edit: so after having others people look at my server, they all say it's a ddos attack. Funnily enough a few of my friends who use Kimsufi servers are having the same downtime issue.. Looks like it's the Kimsufi network.