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10/06/2015, 20h06
The support keep sending the same mail over and over again, while I've given them the needed info.
I'm getting very tired of this.

03/06/2015, 09h25
Already sent and waiting

02/06/2015, 13h51

Process for orders in validation is described here :


02/06/2015, 11h38
Hi there.

There is not such thing as a guaranteed delivery time.
Some get their server in several minutes.
Some wait for days, weeks (we've seen even more then that).

I ADVISE you URGENTLY to take 10 minutes, and READ some posts on this forum about the subject..

Be aware of the fact that this forum is a clients-forum only, very rarely, KS-personnel is reading these posts.
Direct question should be asked here : (FIRST post). they will reply in a couple of days (again: maybe less, maybe more).

Why ? You saw the price of these KS servers ? They threw away nearly all 'human resources' costs (that's why these "training and learning - non-commercially" servers are so cheap).

KS also means : be patient (that is not quick-quick)

02/06/2015, 11h23
Hey. Im just curios on when my order will be confirmed. Im not accepting to wait more than a few days, cuz my other server from another hoster closes very soon, and this new server should replace it right away and not wait several days without a server.
Ive sent validation proof etc., but still no news. Order is 38959898