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Refund / Cancel

07/06/2015, 02h58
I've submitted a ticket regarding getting a refund / cancel of the server I purchased since I ordered the wrong server. I have not done the following:

- Install an OS on the server

And it's been within 7 days, I've even made a post on the OVH website:


However you all have yet to send any regard in cancelling my server and refunding my payment. Nor have you all sent any form of contact to me in regards to my posts and my tickets that I've submitted.

Order #39463051
Server ID:
Customer ID: gi24261-ks

I literally posted this to be cancelled moments after I accidentally bought it. Please cancel and refund my payment, I've purchased the "CORRECT" server from the US side. It's hard enough posting on these forums with them being french and me not being able to understand french.