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Wrong rescue mode

12/06/2015, 00h23
I managed to get rw access to the disk.

In case this happens to anyone in the future:

On the linux rescue mode:


mkdir nbd-server

dpkg -x nbd-server_2.9.14-2ubuntu1_i386.deb nbd-server

cd nbd-server/bin

./nbd-server 2000 /dev/sda1 (or whatever partition you need access to)

On a linux local host:

apt-get install nbd-client

modprobe nbd

nbdclient yourhostnamehere 2000 /dev/nbd0

Now you can access the remote device as if it's a local one but you still need rw access, in my experience ufs rw support is broken on linux so...

apt-get install build-essential fuse libfuse-dev autoconf automake libtool git libbsd-dev e2fslibs-dev
git clone
cd fuse-ufs2

Remove -Werror in

vim fuse-ufs/do_fillstatbuf.c

Comment out the __st_ino. Do the same operation for fuse-ufs/op_readdir.c

make install
fuse-ufs /dev/nbd0 /mnt -o rw

Support for rw will work via fuse but it's still somewhat buggy, in my experience though it's good enough to cp files back and forth, so the suggestion is browse it in ro, pick the files to edit cp them, modify them, remount rw, cp them back.

10/06/2015, 14h30

the other day my machine was rebooted and went into rescue mode, the issue is likely to be misconfiguration on my part but for some reason the rescue mode changed from rescue-bsd to what is labeled as fedora core 6 (which is actually debian when booted).

With this rescue mode I can't mount UFS partitions rw but only ro which prevents me from fixing the problem.

Could you change the default rescue mode back to rescue-bsd?