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Severe packet loss on ONLY

13/06/2015, 19h22
I monitor my box from outside of the BHS infrastructure. In the last couple weeks the alerting system has started throwing plugin timeouts. I have also noticed serious degredation of network performance when leaving the BHS infrastructure (likely passing through problem hop

When running MTR....

During timeout periods:
I have 0% packet loss on all hops EXCEPT FOR which is up at 80% - 90%.

Any other time:
I have 0% packet loss on all hops EXCEPT for again which hovers around 30% - 40%.

Any fix on this? Are you aware of this problem? How is one supposed to host anything in the OVH infrastructure when you have a constant 40% packet loss and connectivity issues when it skyrockets to near 100%?

At this point some of the services are are 99.4% for the month so far. I know that doesn't matter due to Kimsufi being a budget provider but come on. It's hard for me to expand services in OVH when this is going on.

Edit: didn't realize there was an actual support form. Submitted through there. Closing thread.