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can I ask why my broken disk has been substituted

19/06/2015, 13h54

Incident team gave you informations on ticket, so i close this post.


15/06/2015, 17h36
after that the tech in charge has written : "We are waiting for your confirmation." (I have not confirmed anything on ... Can i ask why he,you or other have no contacted me (as requested ) to fix a date ? Can I ask why the disk has been changed in fifteen minutes after that he or ovh sent me a mail on the old primary e-mail ?

But these are silly questions: can you remount the old disk ? I was able to read all the data and to copy on a new machine... so, if you remount the old hard-disk I will be happy, I will save my data and after i will send you a mail/message and you will change the disk... Is this possible ? I asked 5 minutes after the event! I am still waiting an answer on my manager v.3 !

The ticket is numbered: 2096213