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How long for activation?

25/06/2015, 17h43

Delivery times listed on the website, for example, "120 Seconds" and "72 hours", are estimated delivery times
Server delivery for order 39885307 was done on 2015-06-23.


23/06/2015, 15h13
Hi there,

I'm just wanting to check everything is okay with my order.

I created order 39885307 two hours ago with promise of 120 second setup, I paid at time of signup as new customer, and it's a couple of hours later and I've had a couple of emails "Notification of connection to manager" and [ORDER 39885307], confirming the order has been created, telling me once it's "confirmed" you'll email me again.

I've had a skim through the forums and understand sometimes new accounts require validation, but I've received no such requests, and have checked my "junk" emails, etc.

Is everything okay with my order? Is it just a waiting game now? Or is there something I can do to help move the process along?