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Server still not delivered after 21 hours - ID: 39886312

25/06/2015, 17h41

Order 39886312 is validated but since it's a ks-1 offer, a lot of order in the same time, that's why delivery is not yet made.
Our teams work hard to deliver all orders as quickly as possible.

I clos the post.


24/06/2015, 13h26
I registed on January 11, so I wasn't a new customer. Also I had ordered a different server on 19.06, it had been delivered in time and it works now as I see. So I think there is some different problem.

PS. Also there is no any message in the spam.

24/06/2015, 12h49

the "120 seconds" are only if you are not a new customer and the server is already racked.

If you are a new customer you have 80% of luck to get controlled (check all your mail even the spam/junk).
If KS ask for verification your order is blocked until the verification are OK.

Cordially, janus57

24/06/2015, 12h05
I want to check the status of my order. It was created yesterday at 14:08 with promise of 120 second setup, but I just received an email with subject "Votre commande 39886312 chez Kimsufi".

Yesterday I also asked this question through the following form But I haven't got any response yet.