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Server activation ( order numbers : 39884890 / 39886590 / 39885721 )!!

25/06/2015, 17h18

Mail was sent on the 23h to validate first order.
If you don't receive it you can follow process described here :

I close this post.


25/06/2015, 16h45

I have ordered 2 days ago 3 machines ( order numbers : 39884890 / 39886590 / 39885721 ) but still no answer. I got email requesting additional information on the Paypal payment ( additional documents ), which I have sent. But no response. Furhtermore, I requested to cancel two of them ( 39884890 and 39885721 ) and a faster server had become available (39886590), but still no answer. Can somebody give me some feedback please as I need the system up and running with some urgency..... I bought domain names at the same time, and all was ok, this is just taking too long.

Payments have been made ( in standby currently ) in paypal, but no information whatsoever.... Taking too long....