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Validation nichandle: ra182463-ks.

27/06/2015, 21h55
I'm waiting since June 23...

27/06/2015, 21h05
Have you tried the link there

27/06/2015, 12h07
Can anyone please take a look at this, i only have 3 days before the servers go offline, please.

26/06/2015, 10h42

It has been several days since I ordered a server , ks3 to be exact but now even the invoice has expired and my account remains unvalidated ..... I desperately needed to move my websites from the current server to the ks3 because my host is closing his business. Can anyone here please, please take a look at my account & validate it , I have sent all the documents promptly. In the process can you please reactivate the invoice by extending the deadline. Thank you , thank you. I shall ever be so grateful....