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Order 39886385

29/06/2015, 15h54
Delivery times listed on the website, for example, "120 Seconds" and "72 hours", are estimated delivery times. Order or payment validation are not included in the listed time.
Since delivery order is solve, i close the post.


29/06/2015, 15h52
I read somewhere that once you get the server, the waiting time for response tickets is not as long as now. The hard thing is receiving the server but then if you have problems with your server i.e. hdd fails or something like that, if you send the checks to them , they replace it in less than a day. I don't really know if this is true... Time will say.. Good luck!!

29/06/2015, 15h37
I completely get that you are essentially getting a big discount by having a very basic level of support but the response times are a deal-breaker for me for any future business with either OVH or KimSufi.

It doesn't matter how good the price or product is if it takes you a week plus to respond to a support ticket.

I can live with a slow deployment but the communication just isn't up to scratch for company that took €240 million in revenue in 2014.

29/06/2015, 15h16
I got mine working just right now. Finally! But at least it works if you have no hurry, this is a good option but if you need the server intantlly I wouldn't recommend it. As they say in their ads these are servers for developing, research, academy, ... so, don't expect a great support. If we compare the price with other providers I think that we all can expect this kind of situations... On the other hand, they should change their ads as they promise a set up in 120min and they, as you can see don't...

29/06/2015, 14h57
Citation Envoyé par sherwinaval
Can you please advise what documents they require? I'm about to signup for their service. Thanks.
My long response to this hit moderation so I don't expect it will appear anytime soon .... so here is a short version. Don't do it. Kimsufi deployment times are completely unacceptable and their custom service is non-existent.

29/06/2015, 14h49
Honestly after the last weeks complete lack of communication from KimSufi I would strongly advise you to go with someone else! I know it is cheap but their customer service is deplorable

I have used Digital Ocean + before and have had deployments up and running within minutes. Kimsufi are a joke in comparison.

I initially purchased last week at a client's request to host the first machine in an upcoming project deployment. If you are looking to roll out several servers over the coming year cost is obviously a big consideration and Kimsufi looked great on paper.
Lack of communication means the project means the project is now deployed elsewhere and I will have to use the server for something else (backup machine etc). Essentially the client now won't go near KimSufi or OVH because they are terrified if something we wrong in future we would be looking at days of downtime before a response to a support ticket etc.

Anyway... I was asked for

A valid photo ID - Passport, Driving Licence or National ID
A proof of address - Utility Bill, Bank Statement or Government Correspondence in your name with an address matching the account information
A copy of the front face of the credit card used. For your protection please block the middle 6 digits, leaving the first 6 and last 4 digits available for verification. NOTE - I paid via a verified business paypal account - there is no reason they should be asking for this
Company Registration Document

A proof of association with the company - Only required if your name is not on the registration document

29/06/2015, 14h29
Can you please advise what documents they require? I'm about to signup for their service. Thanks.

29/06/2015, 14h27
Same here! Paid on 23rd - a few hours later there was a request for validation - provided all the documents immediately.
Sent several emails until finally I got request a response asking for all the info again on Friday... send it all to them again and still nothing.

Amazed at how poor Kimsufi's deployment time and response times are (1 response to half a dozen emails in the last week asking for exactly the same info again?).

I have used DigitalOcean and in the past and been up and running either immedaitely or same day. This is edging into day 7.

I get they are competing on price rather than customer service but this is bonkers

29/06/2015, 13h13
Yes! Same situation here.. I also ordered ir on 23rd... Can the admins tell us if this situation is going to be solved soon? Thank you

29/06/2015, 12h17
I ordered mine on 23rd and didn't get any mail from them apart from automatic one confirming the order. I think you'll wait for some time :P

29/06/2015, 09h03
Hello! Thank you for your answer, how many days does it normally take to validate the account? May I provide some kind of information? Or should I wait until the admins ask for it?
Thank you

26/06/2015, 22h01
if this server first one you buy it here you need to wait until toi validate your account

26/06/2015, 19h54
Good afternoon,
Can you check the status of order number 39886385?
It's been three days with the same status and I don't know how may I proceed.
Thank you