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Order number : 39939861

30/06/2015, 14h33

Mail was sent on the 26h to validate first order.
If you don't receive it you can follow process described here :

I close this post.


29/06/2015, 20h28
Order number : 39939861
Paid on Friday and i'm still waiting for server details and account ?
No answer to support tickets ?
If i was not for the fact i have used you in the past and the fact i know it's not normaly like this i would be asking for my money back ?

KS-2 Atom™ N2800 Atom™ D2500 Atom™ D425 640 397 341 2c / 4t 2c / 2t 1c / 2t 1.8 GHz+ 4 Go 1 To 100 Mbps /128 9,99 € HT

120Sec are you sure you dont mean 120hrs ?