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ORDER 39888744 - 7 days and counting ...

04/07/2015, 14h39
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same for me did u get it in thew end

I sent several request to cancel and actually had a human response to one asking me to confirm but no final confirmation my account and supporting documentation was deleted... Still 'pending' if I log in

I had to call PayPal to revoke my payment in the end.

Got a deployment setup same day earlier in the week with

Honestly kimsufi is just s joke

04/07/2015, 12h45
same for me did u get it in thew end

01/07/2015, 12h47
I have servers with OVH/ Deployment on all of them has been instant or same day.

... and yeah. I was fully expecting deployment to be slow. I could live with it taking a few weeks to deploy if that had been communicated. What is a deal breaker is that complete lack of communications from KimSufi - I have sent dozens of tickets/emails and got nothing useful back.
The only human response I got was an automated reply asking for validation documentation a week after I had already submitted them.

There is a big difference between technical support and transaction support. It costs very little comparatively to validate accounts/administer setup etc vs the technical expertise required to deploy them. Basic support just isn't there?

01/07/2015, 12h40
You tried renting a server from OVH ? or even SYS (SoYouStart) - my SYS server was delivred in less then 5 minutes ...
You compared prices ? It doesn't need much imagination what can be done with the (more then) 500 % price difference between a KS and OVH server, right !? I give you a hint : it has something to do with 'support'

As you might have seen on this forum, it happens that people can't get delivered for all kind of reasons. KS running out of stock is just one of them.
Remember : KS will never win this fight : offering a (to) cheap product to the entire planet earth .... (even the people from China and India can be are clients now ...)

01/07/2015, 12h10
Well over a week now - officially giving up on your guys and the deafening wall of silence from support tickets/emails/forum posts!

I would have been happy to continue if an estimated date had been provided or emails had been responded to in a timely manner.

Of all the companies I have dealt with for deployments this has been the most amateurish. Just cannot believe you are part of OVH?! Won't be using either KimSufi or OVH again.

30/06/2015, 10h31
Placed order on the morning of 23 June 2015 at 2pm

Still nothing....

I would like an estimated deployment time now. I would like some explanation of what is going on within KimSufi that accounts for a complete failure of your systems and failure to fulfil your initial deployment time promise.

You cannot state deployments times are only an estimate and do not include validation if you initial deployment always require validation.