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Port 25 blocked

07/07/2015, 11h21
I have solved with this api:
Is the same that ovh api.

Thanks for all.

07/07/2015, 11h04
Thanks for your response but, I see a link that maybe has the solution to my problem but, I is not possible to opened it.

07/07/2015, 10h52
Have a look at this thread : (it concerns a KS server)

07/07/2015, 10h46
Someone exploit a vulnerability on wordpress plugin and was sending spam from it. I remove, and solve the vulnerability.

Where I can unblock?

07/07/2015, 10h42

This is very important : do you know why they blocked your 'port 25' ?

No need to open a ticket. It's up to YOU to solve the problem - and if you are SURE that the problem is solved, visit the Manager and unblock.

07/07/2015, 00h56
a few days ago I solved an issue in my server. From then to now port 25 has been blocked. I have opened 2 tickets to solve this issue and has no response.

Can someone help me? I'm too frustrated and very angry.

My server ID is: 246633