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KS validation passed, OVH billing verification no response

12/07/2015, 01h59
The order number is 40462387.

12/07/2015, 01h57
No help possible without order number.

You should have read the forum first ....and deducted that everybody is posting them.
This number is useful to identify your order ... so KS people can reply if needed.

Now, no answer is possible.

Btw : using an email to have it change just after that ... whow...

Btw-2: when you oder, you will have to create a KS account. Use that one to post a ticket, no need to create yet another one.

11/07/2015, 23h53
I'm not sure if it's okay to post order numbers here so I've opted not to.

On the seventh my info was validated by KS and I provided my billing information after that. The debit card was charged.

On the eighth I received an email from OVH saying that they needed to validate my billing info. I replied to the email they sent but immediately received a response saying that the reply address is no longer valid. I went through different hoops and made an account through the OVH manager to file a support ticket. It doesn't seem that anyone has ever looked at it.

I looked at my bank account today and noticed that the money that was originally taken from my account has sense been reimbursed.

Maybe they are just slow to responding? I'm not sure. Some help would be appreciated though.