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Password reset page is blank

19/07/2015, 00h53
I did they never replied. I kept checking every couple of days and the password reset mechanism started working.

My advice for future travelers is keep trying and try not to get yourself blocked. The reset mechanism will lock up after about 10 requests. It was a few days when it first happened.

Edit: They ended up replying.

15/07/2015, 09h54
Contact support to have your password changed.

15/07/2015, 03h18
I have requested a password reset as my password manager failed to save it during registration for some reason.

I have gone through the steps and received the email with the password reset:

I have clicked on the following link matching this pattern (This one is from the 10th so very expired):

I get a 404 error or a blank page no matter what I do. The blank is really blank, no header or anything.

I have tried in linux and windows:
Opening it in Firefox (Click)
Copy/Paste Open in Firefox/Chrome
Copy/Paste Open in IE (Windows only)