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how do i get my data back?

19/07/2015, 11h05

My server (sr64796-ovh) hardisk has been replaced with a new hardisk and now all my data is gone. How do i restore my old data to the new hardisk? I submit a ticket under my ovh account but they say i have to contact kimsufi instead. I tried login to kimsufi but it says i dont have an account?

How and who do i contact to have my data restored? I don't mine paying the fees to have it restored i just want my stuffs back.

here is the email i received:
Dear sir or Madam,

We've done some maintenance works on your server

Here are the details of conducted intervention:
Here are the details of the operation performed:
Disk not detected
Server placed to rescue pro
HDD not detected
Replacement nap sata
Replacement HDD
Installation debian
Installation successful
Ping ok
Services started
Acces code send
Server on login
The damaged disc is available for any data recovery (this service is charged, contact technical support).

The history of intervention is available in your Manager v3.

For further information, please contact us at

Kind regards,

OVH Customer Support
Technical Support: 0899 49 87 65 (€1.349/connection + €0.337/min)
Commercial Support: 0820 698 765 (Numéro Indigo (premium rate number) €0.118/min)
Fax: 03 20 20 09 58