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Ordering... identification, availability...

28/07/2015, 19h59
So what are the required IDs?

Also, when I order a server, will it require the IDs immediately? or the order is guaranteed to be mine but won't be active until I submit IDs? because the 5euro one is very limited and no time to think about IDs... It is better to take the order then submit the IDs.

Plus, please tell me about payment? Payoneer card is a Master Card and it is trusted worldwide.

27/07/2015, 03h02

1 - no time available (recycled server).
2 - possible but no winrescue in case of problem (and no IPMI/KVM).

3-4 no idea

Cordially, janus57

27/07/2015, 00h49

I intend to order a KS-1 server, but it is always not available. Here are my questions:

1- When will it be available?

2- I want to install Windows on it by my own (and the license is like that too)... Is that allowed? I don't want anyone to check what I do on my server.

3- What ID cards are required? my IDs are in Arabic including personal ID card and driver license... Plus, I am living with my parents and family so my billing cards won't be by my name.

4- I can pay via Payoneer master card, is that possible?

that is it for now...