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Order status - 41593140

20/08/2015, 17h44

The order is done.


07/08/2015, 16h32
Hello, I have a question about my order status since I can't seem to be able to post in the forum, and the ticket is not created, also the documents sent as a reply to not sure if they arrived, since the automated reply message for this mailbox is that its no longer in use.

Please let me know how much further to wait.


07/08/2015, 16h03
Hello Forum,

I was required to forward my documents which I did as a reply to - but then I got a reply in french saying that address is not in use anymore, afterwards I sent a ticket with the documents and the explanation, but I got no reply and I see no ticket registered in My Tickets.

Could you please check and see if my order is being processed, it's been 24 hours without feedback .

Thank you in advance.