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Account activation

20/08/2015, 17h50
Hi sysrex,

Your order 41625798 is still in progress, the 41593140 is done.

It will be done as soon as possible.

@kolon -> a conseiller will contact you by email soon.


18/08/2015, 11h25
I too am waiting for server activation - Ordered a KS2 on Friday 14th, it's now Tuesday 18th, and still no server.

If KS are watching, my order no is 41764127.

@sysrec: have you now got it activated and how long did it take?

10/08/2015, 17h32
I understand that we are buying a cheap service, and I also understand that you get what you pay for, but as far as I'm concerned I didn't get anything for the money paid so either activate this account or please proceed with a refund for the two orders placed.

10/08/2015, 13h15
I have been waiting several days, and wrote to the forum but it never gets posted, are you guys going to activate my account today, otherwise it makes no sense to wait.

Order id's - 41593140, 41625798