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Avalaibility KS-1

27/08/2015, 17h54

and just wait ...

27/08/2015, 09h56
can not be ordered The 10 days and the last control has always been given recently

20/08/2015, 17h05
Currently it's not possible to pre-order or reserve servers.

If a server is on backorder, you can not order it, the only option is to continue to check the site until the server is available again.
The stock of servers being constantly renewed, the site is automatically updated.

KS-1 is one of the most popular server with KS-3.

18/08/2015, 12h45

KS-1 are very "uncommon" so good luck.

@kolon : contact the support or look at your mail, if KS send you a mail to verify your identity it's normal.

Cordially, janus57

18/08/2015, 11h30
Hi kaspersky,

I'm new here too, but from what I've read, these servers get snapped up quick. Not sure when they update the website, but they are always replenishing stock as far as I can see.

On a separate note: I've made my first purchase of a KS2, and it's been around 48hours and still not activated - not sure what the hold up is. Just something to bare in mind, but not a good first impression and I haven't even got to the server yet!

18/08/2015, 00h18
Hi, I'm a newbye and for this reason I wish to try to use a little server like KS-1.
I tried to order one of this but I never see KS-1 available. Never.
I see also that this servers are currently delivered and are always "being replenished".

Well, how I can buy this server and when ?

King Regards.