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I would buy KS6 Server

25/08/2015, 17h25
Well ...
First thoughts are : they are cheap !
They stay cheap if you don't count the time you waited for them ...

Take in account that these are RECYCLED servers - so some one has to ditch its multi $$ server so it becomes an financially downgraded "KS" server.
No "waste" in the server bin means : no servers.

If your time is money : go SYS.

25/08/2015, 15h37
How do you rent one of these servers? Do you have to be online and waiting right when they are replenished? It seems like they're always replenishing their stock.

24/08/2015, 09h14
Citation Envoyé par noob
... I wold reserv KS6 server to buy. It is possible?
It's not possible to reserve a server.

23/08/2015, 15h42
I would buy KS6 Server, but Im working and all the time (2 months) when i look in web as aviability, it is delivered...

I have one of the servers KS-2 SSD, but I wold reserv KS6 server to buy. It is possible?