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Can i keep a server IP?

28/08/2015, 23h07
Citation Envoyé par nijota
... we dont want them lose the servers ip.....
.... and that's why they invented the domaine names.

What do YOU prefer: (this will give a certificate error, not a big deal)

Ok, true, a name will cost you a couple of € a year and 15 minutes work.

28/08/2015, 21h19

nope in the 2cases

Cordially, janus57

28/08/2015, 19h37
I have a simply question, im gonna update my actual machine, i mean, go from a kimsufi machine to a SoYouStart machine, and i wanna know if i can keep my old ip from the kimsufi server, because we're hosting game servers where a lot people plays and we dont want them lose the servers ip. (If not, maybe if i update from a kimsufi machine, to another kimsufi machine, will i keep ip?)
Sorry my bad english